Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just One Drink Can Kill you!

t had started on a Friday, but it was going to end on a Monday. What a way to start the week. Maybe I didn't handle it exactly right in letting Amy know that I knew about her indiscressions.
Amy and I worked for the same CPA firm and we were both up for the same promotion, unfortunately, only one of us would be getting it. One of the rules of the firm is that there would be no dating of clients or partners, both of which Amy had done. Only the night before I had seen her having dinner with our senior partner's largest client. Definitely a breaking of the rules, but as luck would have it, two weeks before, I had to make a trip to Atlanta and witnessed her and Mr. Dickerson, one of our partners, coming out of a hotel, arm and arm, you could almost say neck and neck as they were wrapped around each other. He of course is married, not just married to anyone, but to the senior partner's sister.
If it hadn't been for the promotion, I would have let it slide. But I wasn't for sure the partners would choose me over Amy. Especially with Mr. Dickerson on her side. So I had asked Amy to a business lunch and laid out my demands. She was to drop out of the running or I would inform on her to the senior partner, Mr. Harper. She asked for a week to decide.
This morning Amy asked me to her apartment for dinner, seven o'clock, Sunday. It was a good meal, wine, a salad and perfectly cooked steaks. After dinner, we sat in the living room with coffee and me a brandy. After I finished the brandy is when she told me that she had decided not to back off from the promotion. She actually smiled at me as she dropped her shocking news.
I jumped up, feeling a little dizzy, "You'll regret this, Amy! First thing tomorrow I'll be seeing Mr. Harper to let him know about you and Alex Smith, his client, and Mr. Dickerson."
She followed me to the door, "Fine. Of course, you'll have to make it to work tomorrow, you never know, you could be hit by a bus. " I heard her laugh as she closed the door.
Wine always makes me feel queasy and gives me a headache, so I didn't think anything about the way I felt when I awoke this morning. Now I know that it wasn't the wine, plus it hit me that I wouldn't make it to the hospital nor would I be getting the promotion. My last thought as the world began spinning around me is "What did Amy put in my drink?"

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