Friday, October 16, 2009

LBC-Collecting or Collections

This is my first post as a member of the Loose Bloggers Consortium, from what gaelikaa and Conrad tell me, an informal group of bloggers who post on a given topic each Friday. One topic is posted, then each member gives it their individual treatment. I wish to thank Conrad, the group Coordinator who invited me to join and gaelikaa who led me to the group.  The current members are, in alphabetical order: AshokConradGaelikaa, Grannymar, Helen,  Magpie 11MariaMarianna   and  Rummuser.  I haven't quite learned where each lives, so that's something I'm looking forward to learning, but gaelikaa tells me it a diversely located group.  If you have time and want a good read, check out the other members contributions.  It always amazes me how people can see the same subject but come up with different interpretations!


Most people do collecting or have a collection of some item or several items.  Such as art collections where people will spend millions of dollars on their art and even build rooms to exhibit the art.  These rooms are designed to have just the right room temperature and the right sunlight filtering in or no sunlight able to enter, and these aren't museums, but everyday people

Then of course, if you ever watch television, there's the show about hoarders, which is a way of collecting taken to an extreme.  I've watched the hoarders break into tears over having to decide which items to give up.

I'm a collector of family history.  I'm into genealogy, trying to track where my family ancestors originated.  On my dad's side, I've tracked back to my great great grandfather, 1827.  I know that my great great grandmother's family are Scots Irish from Ireland, their name is Roan/Rowan. I discovered that both sides came through Virginia and then moved through South Carolina, on to Georgia where most settled, while some moved on to Alabama.

When I'm doing the collecting of old pictures I get to travel around and meet my older relatives.  As I scan the pictures, they love to talk about the past.  One story leads to another as they tell me what event was transpiring when the picture was taken, plus where it was taken.  Did you know that the reason most people look so stiff and pained in older photographs is because there's a brace positioned at the back of the neck to keep the head and body very still due to the time needed for a negative to be formed?  Once the flash occurs, they must be still for a certain amount of time and no movement or it will ruin the shot.  My most prized photograph is that of my great grandfather and grandmother William and Martha.  This picture is over a hundred years old.  I feel honored that my cousin Barbara, who owns the original, allowed me to take the back off the frame and scan the picture so I could make it part of the family history I'm creating.  As I dusted the frame and glass before I replaced the picture, it crossed my mind that this dust could be over a hundred years old, I could be the first person to touch this photograph since my great grandparents placed it into the frame!  They were only married for twelve years.  She died during childbirth.  From what I hear, she was the love of his life, even though he married a second time.

When I'm collecting information, it's as though I'm there beside them, learning about their lives, imagining what was going on daily for them.  Such as the fact that my great grandfather from the picture above was born the year Abraham Lincoln was elected as President.  That the reason his family moved to Alabama from Georgia was due to the invention of the cotton gin.  The cotton gin encouraged people to grow more cotton and to do that they needed more land.  This pushed people further west into Alabama and Mississippi.  Should you want to look at old pictures and read stories about their lives, go to my blog here.

There are some people who collect baseball cards and how many children do you know that collect seashells when they go to the beach.

My grandson Sean looking for seashells at Panama City Beach, Fl

There are all kinds of collections, the attraction to collecting is that when you're involved looking for the items, it's like being absorbed in painting a picture or writing a story, the focus is away from the day to day worries and stress.  It becomes a passion.  Collections can be fun,  so if you're not collecting now, try creating one!  I think you'll be surprised at the pleasure gained by creating a collection.  I know I enjoy finding old pictures, stories of my ancestors and meeting cousins that I've never before met who are also researching their families.  We exchange pictures and information.  We go to each others family reunions that are held each year. I've started a book on our family history.  As I said before, collecting is great, and it makes a wonderful hobby.


Conrad said...

Bravo!! Your pictures are terrific. And, now you've broken the seal and are a LBC regular.


gaelikaa said...

Great post Judy, I loved it. Like you, I'm fascinated by family histories. So there is a bit of Irish in you - I knew we had something a little more in common.

Mattenylou said...

Judy, I inherited my Grandfather's collection... 22,000 names of ancestors in our family tree, all in his own handwriting. I've learned so much about him from reading thru the old letters and notes he saved in the 60 years he spent doing our family genealogy. It's a wonderful treasure, and his collection has become my hobby... filling in the empty branches along the way. I often wonder what he would think of the internet, to just search for someone's name, and have so much information just pop up... stuff that took him years to track down, is at my fingertips in just a few seconds.

Grannymar said...

Judy, we had two things in common - Irish blood in our veins and I have a family tree covering 8 generations. The newest member arrived last Sunday. I love the old photographs and have a collage of them on the wall of my hallway. For me they are not alone family history, but social, cultural and fashion history as well.

Marianna said...

It's a pleasure meeting you, Judy.

One of the many joys of blogging is in learning. I always wondered about how those people had such great posture. Thanks for that bit of information!

Rummuser said...

That is a fascinating hobby and a great post talking about it. I live in India in Pune in Western India. Two of my cousins are into collecting family memorablia and have been bugging me for some old photographs. I haven't taken them too seriously so far, but having read your post, I shall do so now.

Maria said...

I do believe there is a little Irish in all Americans. This is particularly true on St. Patrick's Day.

Welocme to the Writers group. I am certainly enjoying reading new members posts and am looking forward to coming back for tomorrow's theme.