Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday Morning Writing-The Thing Could Get Me Killed!

She knelt low to the ground, holding her breath afraid this thing might see her as it trampled the corn in its path.
(The picture is the property of Elizabeth Harper)

She knelt low to the ground, holding her breath, afraid The Thing might see her as it trampled the corn in it's path.  

"Charlee Morgan, what have you gotten yourself into?", she thought as she waited for the Thing to pass.  "I should never have listened to Matt!"

She worked for the Andromeda Corporation, a company that researched weapons and tactical equipment for the government.  Her job was to translate and type up the research notes for the inventors, designers, engineers and researches that worked for Andromeda.  Her title, as well as Matt's title, is Research assistant, which is a label for when a job wasn't easy to define.  She enjoyed her job and found reading the notes interesting.  Though at times when most of the information consisted or numbers and formulas, it could be boring.  

It all started a week ago when Matt met her in the lunchroom, she could tell it was all he could do to contain his excitement, but all he said was, "Meet me at The Nerd Scene after work".

The Nerd Scene is a bar located on the lower side of town and frequented by computer geniuses who like to create computer games.  You won't find the jet set visiting here.  Also, they're so fearful someone will steal their ideas, you have to know someone to get in.  Needless to say, the bar doesn't have a huge clientèle, even calling it a bar isn't an apt description, as they only serve coffee, though they do have a few alcoholic drinks available if someone gets desperate.

Matt was already there when I walked in, he waved me over to his table in a back corner.  On the table he had a notebook where he'd been making notes.  He pointed to the notebook and said, "This is our blueprint to a fortune!"

As I sat down, I looked at him skeptically, "What is it, exactly", as Matt was always coming up with a scheme to make us a fortune.  Being his older sister, I had learned over the years to be very skeptical of his ideas as a few had cost me money.  Money that Matt would never be able to pay back.

Matt continued as though I hadn't said anything, " I've been typing Doctor Phillips notes for the past month.  He's finishing up this experiment with a giant size robot that is built to shoot lazers out of it's eyes, it's arms are built like guns and rockets, I mean, this is science fiction come to life!  The Terminator 
created! Plus like the Terminator, it can reason.  They're having a problem though in that it wants to destroy and won't always listen to it's commands.  Doctor Phillips is a little afraid of "Rex" as he calls the robot.  Me, I like Terminator best.  Anyway, Doctor Phillips wants to close the experiment down.  If we could get a picture of "Rex" in action, think of the fortune we could make selling the picture to some of these computer game guys.  They're planning to dismantle Rex this weekend, so they're going to run him through his commands one more time tomorrow afternoon before they make a final decision."

He raised his head from the notebook, "That's where you come in.  I have to work tomorrow, but you're off and you have clearance to be in the testing area."

Charlee didn't say anything for a minute, "No, it's too dangerous.  There's no way we can get a camera through security.  I like this job, I want to keep this job.  You've cost me three others, so no."

"You don't have to worry about the camera.  Doctor Phillip's lab gave me a camera that they were having problems with.  He wants me to have Jameson in Optics to go over it to see if he can spot whats wrong.  Jameson won't be back until Monday, so we can use that camera which is in my desk drawer.  Can you believe our luck?" 

That's how Charlee happened to be in a corn field, praying the Thing wouldn't sense her movements and her fear.  She thought, "Trying to take a picture of The Thing could get me killed." 


Tell Me A Story Tuesdays/Tuesday Morning Writings project is sponsored by Elizabeth Harper of Gifts of The Journey.  This story is attached to the TMAST eleventh week assignment.  Gaelikaa's story can be found here .



gaelikaa said...

This is amazing! Total sci fi. You are a very versatile writer Judy. Quite different from the usual stories. You're a bit deceiving, I like the way you make me think I'm going down one path and end up somewhere else. You did that before when you did the historical short story. Great!

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this one Judy and I don't generally care as much for sci fi. It's a great exploration in creativity. Nice work.