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 I am finding out that this is a diversely located group, so far I've learned some are from the UK, USA, and India . If you have time and want a good read, check out the other members contributions. It always amazes me how people can see the same subject but come up with different interpretations.

Last week we talked about Heaven, this week we're talking about Lawyers. A lot of people might say opposite ends of the spectrum.

You have all the lawyer jokes:

Q.  What do you call 500 dead lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?
A.  A good start!

Q.  How can you tell if a lawyer is lying?
A.  If his mouth is moving he's lying.

Q: How many lawyer jokes are there?
A: Only three. The rest are true stories.

You have lawyers in movies, my favorite is "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, staring Gregory Peck, a lawyer defending a black man accused of raping a white girl, during the 40's or 50's, which in itself caused a lot of tension .It's told through the eyes of Gregory Peck's 7 or 8 year old  movie daughter, Scout.

And my favorite TV attorney, Perry Mason, a character created by Erle Stanley Gardner.  If you've ever read any of the books, you realize the TV Perry Mason is totally different from the book.  I like the TV version better.

There are lawyers in business just for the money.  Attorneys that shouldn't even be practicing.  There are some good lawyers and some really bad ones.

I'm going to talk about a lawyer I know, my brother, LWH.  He's sixteen months younger than I am.  He first received his Electrical Engineer Degree and then his law degree from The University of Alabama ( I don't hold this against him, lol.  In the state of Alabama, the two colleges that are always in football competition are, University of Alabama and Auburn.  I'm for Auburn and of course he's for Alabama).

LWH (age 5) on the left and me(age 7) on the right

Me (age 9) on the left and LWH (age 7) on the right

LWH Senior year of high school

My youngest sister, middle sister and LWH-1967

Friday night reception dinner before his youngest son's wedding on Sunday.  LWH snapped a picture of me
just as I snapped a picture of him.

LWH and Family

LWH 2007

LWH and family celebrating a birthday-see the ice cream!

I classify LWH as a good lawyer.  He represents a large insurance company in lawsuits, particularly doctors in malpractice suits.

In the 1980's, the Ford Pinto car had a fatal flaw.  If involved in an accident where the car was hit near the gas tank, the tank would explode enveloping the car in flames.  The case I'm going to relate involves such an accident.

LWH's client is involved in an accident where the Pinto he's driving is hit by another car near the Pinto's gas tank, which explodes and severely burned the client. He's in critical condition and is unable to attend the proceedings.  A few weeks into the trial, the client dies.  He was a fairly young man who left a wife and children, without life insurance  and any means to provide for their future.  LWH felt obligated to do the best for his client's family but he only has two options, continue or settle.  If the other sides lawyers find out his client died, they'll push for the minimum amount possible in a settlement.  LWH, taking a chance, decides to continue as though his client is still alive. It isn't until the trial is over and settled, with the dead client winning the case, that the other side's lawyers learns about the death. I remember LWH saying his hardest part of the whole trial is that he had to always refer to his client in the past tense.  Of course, the other side, became upset and demanded a meeting with the judge as well as wanting the settlement thrown out.  The judge backed up LWH stating it wasn't LWH's responsibility to inform them of his client's death,  it is their job to keep abreast of all situations.  They should have kept an eye on LWH's client.  Once the other lawyers left the room, the judge requested LWH stay behind.  The judge at this point told him if he ever pulled a stunt like that again he would have him disbarred.

Over the years LWH has won a few and lost a few.  LWH has a hard time delegating work done on his cases.  He told me one time that being involved in researching and the trial is like reading a mystery book.

My daughter never knew her dad, she and I were lucky that my brother and sister-in-law treated her as one of their own.   NH & LWH were married when he entered law school. They delayed having children until LWH graduated. So the first five years of Jennifer's life, they became a second Mom and Dad, showering her with attention.  He gives back to the community through his church as well as other organizations.  So while some lawyers should be disbarred, LWH isn't one of them.  I'm very proud of my brother the lawyer.



Grannymar said...

A brother to be very proud of!

Agnes said...

I know some really good lawyers too. But still, lawyer jokes are never not funny :-)))

Anonymous said...

It's nice to learn more about your family Judy..I really enjoyed the pictures too.

Judy Harper said...

Thanks Grannymar.

I know, Agnes, did you know you can type in Lawyer jokes in your browser and come up with sites dedicated to lawyer jokes!

Rummuser said...

I hope that I never need one, but if ever I do one in the USA, LWH, here I come.

Magpie 11 said...

Hi there,
I really appreciated the story... and I love the judge too. Justice done and seen to be done.

Re lawyer jokes...I (of course) looked them up because I just didn't know any. I do now.
Did you hear the one abou..... no I'll leave it. :-)
BTW drummer jokes gets about 4,170,000 results on Google...

Have a good w/e

Anonymous said...

That was great! You had a head start on me having a lawyer in the family!

Judy Harper said...

Elizabeth-Thanks! I guess you notice I enjoy posting old pictures!

Romana-I'll put in a good word for you!

Magpie-Isn't some of those jokes too funny. Of course, some couldn't be posted. LOL

MelRoXx-Thanks! Looking forward to Tuesday and you joining us!

sheeza said...

nice to know judy about your family.

so cute

Ashok said...

Next time you speak to LWH, convey to him that a soon to be lawyer in India considers him an inspiration and a roll model :)

Conrad said...

Judy, your brother's courage, the willingness to do what was right for his clients at great personal risk, really is inspiring. What a good man and what a great way for a sister to see her brother!

Two Oaks Studio said...

I enjoyed reading about your brother. I too have lawyers in my family and they are very nice people and helpful. My great uncle incorporated General Motors Corporation; so it makes me sad to see what a mess they are in now days. I will follow your blog your topics are interesting.

Judy Harper said...

Louise-you might also like my post on it every day. Thanks for your comment! I'm going to go back to your blog to see if you answered my question about your swirl paintings. They are so cool!