Tuesday, November 24, 2009


She rummaged through the shelf looking for the book. It had to be here! She knew she had placed it here, felt that it would be safe!


Sabrina hurried up the library steps as she glanced over her shoulder to see if the two men were still behind her.  She wanted to be sure she wasn't followed, no, they must have turned north at the Market Street intersection.

Clasping her library bag, she walked around to the employee entrance.  She quickly locked her personal items into her locker, then hurried out to the desk to relieve Joyce, who worked from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon.  Sabrina worked from three o'clock until closing, which was nine in the evening.  On Saturday and Sunday they rotated. One weekend Joyce worked from nine until two, then it would be Sabrina's turn.

She had to remove the book tonight as the library would be closed for repairs and remodeling for a week starting tomorrow.  Jamison had sent her the book a week ago tomorrow.  His message had been cryptic, "Hide in plain sight, but away from inquiring minds. Be aware I'm in danger, and so could you!"  The next day, she had been notified her brother, Jamison, died in a freak car accident. Now what?  Then the phone call last night, the voice of a man who sounded like her brother, who said he is her brother. Then who's body had burned up in Jamison's car when it ran off the cliff?  Actually, the police reported that witnesses said another car rammed his to make it go over the cliff, then raced off.  The car was later found at the bottom of the hill, abandoned and of course it had been reported stolen.

Jamison was or is her older brother.  There are ten years between their ages. She had been a surprise to her mother and father.  They thought they were unable to have any more children.   There was a special bond between them, so much so, that when their parents died in a plane crash when she turned ten, Jamison raised her.  He went to college during the hours she was at school to earn his business degree.  Then opened his own antique books and art gallery, named Forever and Day, which became a success.  After she graduated from college, she began working in the shop.  This enabled Jamison to travel around the world collecting rare artworks to sell.  The business became internationally known, with collectors from all over coming and calling on the shop for their needs.

Usually he would travel for a month, then stay home a month to work up the inventory he had purchased.  Lately though, he had spent a lot of time in Egypt. Though what he was doing there she didn't know, as it certainly wasn't purchasing items.  There hadn't been any shipments received in over two weeks.  The next time he arrived home, she had planned on talking with him about that.  Unfortunately, he was reported killed before she could. 

She kept glancing at her watch until nine o'clock finally arrived.  Once she announced closing, she canvased the room and did all of her usual closing tasks.  Finally, she hurrid to the shelves in the middle of the room,  a section of reference books relating to the art of tye dying.  She felt pretty sure that wouldn't be something people today would be interested in and being in the middle of the room, she could keep an eye on the book.  Pushing the mobile ladder over she climbed and reached for the book.  It wasn't there, she rummaged through the shelf looking for the book. It had to be here! She knew she had placed it here, felt that it would be safe!  Leaning her head against the shelf, she tried to think, she went back over the week.  Suddenly, the ladder began to move, slowly at first, then she felt someone give it a push, glancing down, she saw Jamison standing there holding the book up, he smiled. Her last conscious thought was, "Why?"

Slowly she opened her eyes and tried to look around, but it hurt to turn her head. She realized she was in a hospital bed.  Her left arm lay in a cast across her chest, when she looked down her outstretched body, she saw her legs lying there.  Wiggling her toes, she breathed a sigh of relief, they worked.  She tried pushing herself up with her right arm, but quickly fell back against the pillow, her head pounding. She thought she heard someone slide out of a leather chair, opening her eyes, she stared up at one of the most handsome men she had ever seen.  "I've died and gone to heaven, thank you God!", was her instant thought.  Then her second thought came, "if I'm in heaven, why am I in pain". 

"Miss Barton", are you alright?", came from the the man standing there.  "Do you need for me to call for the nurse?"

Well, that answered the heaven question, she started to shake her head, then remembered her pounding head, she whispered,"No. Who are you?"

From his suit jacket pocket, he pulled out a badge, "I'm, Derek Huges, with the custom's office.  We've been investigating your brother over the last few months. Do you feel up to answering a few questions?"

It seems Jamison became involved with a smuggling band on one of his trips to Egypt.  There had been a discovery of a new hidden tomb.  The tomb hadn't been reported found because they were stealing artifacts and trying to sell to collectors who didn't mind how they were found, only in the fact that they could be proven to be real.  One of the items turned out to be a book of names, recipes and daily details.  Sort of like a woman's daily journal only a few thousand years old.  This was the book mailed to me.  It seems that Jamison had gotten into finanicial dificulties by purchasing the stolen goods.  He knew that with me around, he wouldn't be able to secretly add items to the inventory.  He desperately needed the additional cash.  It was he who had forced his car off the road.  He had paid a poor homeless man from Egypt to drive the car to the coast to supposedly be shipped back to the United States.

Derek apologized for not arriving on the scene before Jamison had the chance to almost kill me.  I just couldn't believe that my brother tried to kill me.  I still couldn't accept that, or didn't want to accept it.  It hurt too much!

"Where's Jamison now?", I asked.

"He's been arrested and is waiting extradition back to Egypt.  He'll be prosocuted and tried there, since that's where the artifact came from.  If convicted, that's where he'll receive his punishment."

"What about the shop, what will happen to it?"

"Once we take inventory and are assured that the items there are legal, it will be turned back over to you.  It's my understanding that he had moved all his assets to your name when he started his smuggling.  That's one of the reasons for his panic, he didn't know how to get you to sign it back to him without raising your suspicions."

I shook my head sadly, "You know, I would have, if only he had told me the problems he was having.  After all, he raised me.  He is my only family. I would have done anything for him."


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gaelikaa said...

A very enjoyable and entertaining story. Sometimes people who were very good to us initially can turn evil without us knowing and act quite out of character later. I would love to know more about Jamison and see the story from his point of view. To harm the sister one has raised - he must have gone through a gruesome transformation!