Saturday, November 28, 2009


(1)-Manisha had loved Aadi, why did he die, could she now marry Bhakati, as her parents wanted?

(2) She had to keep running, she could hear his steps behind her.

(3) It once was a beautiful house, with a veranda winding itself around. 

(4) "Grace, why have those humans stopped to stare at us?"

Here are the pictures to choose from for the Tuesday Morning Writing...If you want to add your sentence to a picture or all pictures, just leave a comment and the picture number.  If you want to write a story to contribute, it needs to be posted by 8:00 AM Central Standard Time on Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been following your posts that are a part of the LBC and otherwise quiet often.I sure enjoy reading them. I would like to know if anyone is welcome to write in the Tuesday Morning Writing. Would love to hear from you in this regard.


sheeza said...

1) traditions are what we always carried with our selves.

2) D-day ...can i run

3) home in jungle.

4) spectators are worthy when you look beautiful....:-)

gaelikaa said...

#1. No one even noticed her sadness....aren't all Indian brides sad to leave home on the the day of their marriage?

#2. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.....

#3. Once full of life, the house was now and overgrown and deserted wilderness.

#4. We stopped by a field full of cows grazing.....