Friday, January 15, 2010


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Faith covers many areas.  Faith, such as spiritual or religious.  And sometimes people will ask, "What faith are you, Baptist or Presbyterian or Catholic. Then you have faith in someone. Along the lines of "I have faith that you will be able to complete the job" or "I have faith that you will succeed".  Faith is believing in something unseen, such as knowing God is there without Him physically being present.

Faith isn't tangible.  It can't be taken out of a can and rolled into a ball or it can't be pulled out of a box and shaken out like a sweater. Faith is usually from one's heart rather than the logical thoughts of ones mind.  It's the belief in something that will happen. At times, there's no rhyme or reason, it's believing in something to the point of reality.

Easter Sunday, 2009

Easter Sunday, 2009

This past April 2009, Easter Sunday, a storm came through the area where I live.  It was night, I was at home alone, the wind roared through for an hour with wind gusts up to seventy miles per hour.  I was sitting in my hallway, praying, when suddenly I heard a thump, and saw leaves from this tree waving outside my glass deck doors.  I was petrified, seriously afraid and praying not to die that night, asking for God's protection.  Suddenly I heard this head thought, "If I hadn't been protecting you, the tree would have fallen completely through the roof and fallen on you." This gave me peace, to say the least.  That's not to say the physical me didn't have fear of more trees falling, but I somehow knew, had faith, that the night and storm would eventually pass.

I have lived around trees all my life, large old trees.  Since buying this house in 2002, I've had two trees to fall on my house.  I now have a completely new roof as the first tree fell on the front of the house and this tree fell on the back of the house.  The storm here in 2009 caused a lot of damage because it blew in the opposite direction from the normal path.  Most storms that pass through blow from west to east, this one blew from east to west.  Which means the tree roots weren't as strong on the east side, therefore easily pulled up.  See below as to how large the root systems was.

I think there are times that a person's faith is tested to make it stronger. I feel that the latter part of 2008 and all of 2009 has been my year of testing.  I had a complete knee replacement in December 2008, I lived through the storm of April 2009 and a carjacking on December 1st, 2009.  I hope that I have passed the tests and will have a pass for a while.


Grannymar said...

Judy, I hope all your troubles are over for many a long year. I must be scary when a tree hits your house.

Rummuser said...

As you yourself say, or imply, keep faith and you will pass.

gaelikaa said...

When your faith is tested, it becomes stronger. Isn't it so?

I'm sorry I missed the last two weeks on Tuesday Morning Writings, Judy. I'll rejoin this week!

Helen McGinn said...

I also hope that if your faith is being tested that you get a break now!

My husband woke up one morning when he lived in London 1986 to find no-one about. Not one car, not one person but trees all over the road. He was surprised and worried to say the least. It turns out there had been a huge storm over night and he'd slept through the entire thing. Eejit.


Conrad said...

Judy, you bear a marvelous witness to your faith and beliefs. And, it seems you have had some very good company in being tested over the past year or two. It gets ones attention...

sheeza said...

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”

and you had successful experience.


Maria said...

From my years of growing up in Minnesota, I know the fear of bad storms and trees falling. As a child, I used to believe my guardian angel was with me and I would be safe. Faith and prayer can be very comforting during all the storms of our lives.

Your writing reminded me of thhis gift.

Anna said...

I agree. 2009 was testing for me as well. (Maybe why 2010 sees me starting off so tired, ha ha!) I hope this year is a quiet one for you, full of words, blessings and no more falling trees!

Marianna said...

Here's to breaks...not trees, roofs, bones nor windows...but for some peace and quiet...a rest and rejuvenation break!

Ginger said...

Oye, those marvelously pesky storms! I definitely feel God in the power of the storm, and it reminds me about how out of control I am. There's a strange comfort in that.