Friday, January 8, 2010


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This weeks topic is "Quest", contributed by Ginger. Webster's dictionary defines Quest as the act of searching, seeking or inquiring. An adventurous pursuit.  An adventurous pursuit such as in olden times a knight might make or a monk might set out on a spiritual pursuit.

Each of us has our own personal quest.  Life itself is a quest.  I think we are always looking to find the answer of why.  Why were we given the people known as our parents or why didn't I fall in love with him?

Some people who followed their pursuit of a quest to the end are Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and I would say Einstein, but he didn't complete his Theory of Relativity. There are many others that could be listed, but the bottom line is that we are all on a quest, we just have to realize it.  Put a name to what we're looking for in life.

It doesn't have to be earth shattering, it can be as simple as looking for the perfect hamburger.  I say this because someone I know invented this quest for her grandchildren.  When she goes to visit them or they come to visit her, they try different restaurants to see who has the best hamburgers.  She makes it an adventure, they keep a journal of all the places they go, rating their hamburgers.  I think this is a very good idea.  They spend time together, there's always conversation and laughter! It's a project that she and the kids can spend time together and when they grow up, it will be a fun memory.

Since life is a quest, it doesn't have to be dull and a duty, it can be an adventure and a way to keep a journal of what is learned along the way.


Rummuser said...

The quest for simplifying life is the most pressing one for today's lost people. We have gone away from the simple pleasures of life and getting back there will bring some sanity into our lives. The journal idea is a great one and can be substituted by blogs!

Judy Harper said...

Ramana-you are so right! I wish the younger people could realize this before they become my age!

Grannymar said...

Time spent with children or grandchildren is like gold dust and worth more than all the material gifts in the world.

Christian Bible Blog said...

I always say.....I have no answers...only questions.

Judy Harper said...

Grannymar-So true. Last June09 was the first time I kept them for a week. Usually one or both of the parents came with them. I had a ball. They keep me young!

Chris-Finding answers for all those questions is the quest of life!

Maria said...

You have given me a wonderful idea with the quest for hamburgers. It would work well with my ten year old grand daughter. I must remember the idea for her next visit.

Conrad said...

I like the fact that you generalized it to life and all its pursuits. That in and of itself captures an essence that eludes most people.

What is a quest? Perhaps a harder question would be to find something that isn't.

Magpie 11 said...

I think you have something as a quest....but that Edison fellow...his quest was for profit surely and by using other people's brains at that!

Profit of itself is not bad but using other people's brains.