Saturday, January 16, 2010

TUESDAY MORNING WRITING-Pictures for 01/19/10

I would like to start a series on sequel stories.  I found that it wasn't easy picking up the thread of a story from one week to the next. So for the next few weeks, I'm going to do a sequel to one of my stories. Also, in reading the stories from the past few weeks, I notice that there is a tendency to use a name over and over rather than her or she. And if you writing about the present, keep it in the present rather than using had and was, unless you're using flashback.. There were some really good stories though. This story of Gaelikaa's, Do Not Disturb, is really impressive.  The first time a woman from Ireland, living in India wrote a story about the south was good, A Hardened Heart, but Do Not Disturb has the flow and intonation of the south down.

Melroxx is doing a good job with her story on her snowman, Not So UnrealNot So Unreal 2Not So 
Unreal 3 .

Anu wrote a good story in A New Beginning, plus in Fractured Souls, she gives you a great twist to her story.

Sheeza had a good story in House of Hopes.

Below are pictures to write about this coming Tuesday. We would love to have you join our group.  Just right a story and send me a link before 8:00 AM CST, Alabama time, Tuesday, January 19.  It would be better to send me your blog link so that we can add it to our story before publishing as it's difficult to add after the story is published.  In the meantime, if you can come up with a good sentence to go with the pictures below, just leave a comment!

Glancing over her shoulder she saw the man still following, thankfully she was almost to Big Ben, their meeting place.

The Rabbit doll was just sitting there.....

Snow, where is the snowman?

The lake is where they spent their vacation every year...


Anna said...

Looking forward to reading with all that coming up!

Here comes a long answer to your question. It's difficult to slot in time for writing and what comes with it over the holidays because family is so important, but equally the work matters too. I tend to look at my writing as a 'job' of sorts, in that when I'm in the middle of a novel, it's a concentrated amount of time that I write pretty much without interruption. However, there are allowances; participating in NANO in November invariably leads to a Thanksgiving respite, and having cooked dinner at home this year, it took more than one day to pull it together. So I assume those days are for other things, then pick up the writing when time is freed. It's all in how you look at this gig; hobby, occupation, side job. Right now my youngest is a senior in high school, and I'm at home, keeping tabs on her, so the writing fills my mornings and early afternoons, keeps me sane and out of stores. I know I'm so blessed to have this opportunity, so when family events come up, I can set aside writing with a heart aware there is a time for all things.

Except when preparing for a contest! Then things get a little crazy... :))) Otherwise it's a balance, one of which I know is a gift, and I just try to remember that regardless of what I think, this is not about me. Again, writing arrived on my doorstep as a treasure, nothing accomplished in my strength. In accepting that, I know no matter what, that which needs to be written will get done, nothing I could do to change it.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Judy Harper said...

Just a preface-I had asked Anna how she handled family get togethers when she's writing, if you get a chance check out her website, A Year of Writing, Dangerously. She decided to write for a year and this is her insights and comments.

Anna-Thanks so much for responding. It helps!