Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What About Copyrights?

Words & Images Copyright of Judy A. Harper 2009

Unless otherwise stated all images and words belong to me.
 Please do not use or take without my permission. A link to 
your blog or website is always appreciated and thank you 
for respecting my copyright.

I'm just beginning to learn about all that's needed to be a writer, be it a book, story or writing group.  Last week I was rushed and didn't have time to write a story for the Tuesday Morning writing group, so I copied and pasted one of the first stories I had written for another group.  Without thinking, I copied the picture as well, it was what prompted the story.  What I neglected to do was also post the bottom section of the story giving credit and copyright information on the picture.  It just didn't occur to me as some of the people weren't with the current writing group, therefore I didn't copy and paste.  But it's important to remember that I wouldn't want people copying words and information off my site without permission either.   That's why I have the above  copyright statement on my blog sidebar.  I know I need to do more research on this topic, but a rule of thumb is to keep in mind how much I value my pictures and words, therefore others probably feel the same.  So if you do belong to a group that allows you to use their pictures in your story, that if you use it again, be sure to post the ownership.  That your story is yours, but the picture isn't.

What are y'all's thoughts on this subject? Do you have additional information on copyrights?

My Grandmother Manila, 1920 (I own this picture)

One of my pictures used in a story "The Four Sisters"

This is a borrowed picture from  Tell Me A Story Tuesdays project sponsored by Elizabeth Harper of Gifts of The Journey.  This picture is attached to the TMAST and a story I wrote
here (thanks Elizabeth for loaning me the above picture), you might want to check out the TMAST site for good stories written my me, Elizabeth and Gaelikaa...


Rummuser said...

I wish that I could help Judy, but my connections with IPRs stopped with the advent of my retirement from active business. I post without a thought to the matter and if someone thinks that I have violated a copyright, I shall simply apologize and remove the offending piece.

Jarmara Falconer said...

I think, copyright work like this. Your story, novel etc is yours up until you have sold it then it become theirs though they i.e publishers do have to acknowledge it as your work.

Again, I think it's the same when it comes to photograph and works of art. Please be careful when posting anything on the net as this is a bit of a free-for-all and you have less control over where your work will land up. Some publishers and magazine won't accept work which has been posted on the net.

Good luck with your writing