Sunday, February 7, 2010


Up, Up to touch the face of God..

Among the clouds

As I stated in my January 17th post, I have decided to take up the writing gauntlet.  I'm going to focus on putting together my writings and try to have them or something published this year.  One of the first projects is to print off the stories I've written, at my daughters suggestion, to see if I can intertwine them into a story or if I can take one story and expand into a book, etc.  

My next step is to read the many wonderful writing blogs that offer support and information on such subjects as getting published or many other topics.  One thing I learned from Elizabeth Spann Craig, over at Mystery Writing Is Murder, this week is about when you're not inspired to write is to make a list.  Actually, it's more than a list, it's a list with pages.  Such as Characters, Ideas for upcoming characters, Food ideas, that's right, have you ever really given thought to a meal your character is about to sit down to or a party to meet other characters in the book? Do you want it to be Southern, or fast food? BBQ or sophisticated? How about Character and setting descriptions? Short sniping snippet (not sure what this one is) or clues and red herrings even subplots.  One thing I'm learning, writing, while it can be fun, is a lot of work.

So I'm off to do another list item, research, which is narrowing down what story to expand or just start from scratch.


arlee bird said...

Good luck on your writing journey. I will follow your experiences here on your blog and hopefully following in your footsteps with my own writing trip.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Thanks for the plug, Judy! And best of luck with your list-making. :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Unknown Mami said...

Wishing you much success.