Friday, February 19, 2010

LBC-Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

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I'm not sure what is meant by fifteen minutes of fame. Does it mean that you're on television to discuss animals and rabies? Or that you have attention focused on you for a crime or that your Colonel informs you that your husband isn't coming home because he was an undercover agent for the CID? Does fifteen minutes of fame have to be recognized by the whole world or just a few?

One of the events in my life that was important to me and observed by my senior classmates, their families, by our friends and other students was the fact I was elected as the Class poet for the graduating high school class of 1966.

Here is the poem I wrote to the class of 1966 and is forever listed in the SYLVANIAN yearbook.

by Judy A. Harper

Twelve long years have gone by;
It's time now to say good-bye.
No longer will we be a part of the
Group as we now are.
When we meet our friends again,
A casual "hello" will be said.
No more coming to school as before,
We will be leaving home to find our destiny.
What will it be?
Who will be the doctor, lawyer, merchant chief,
Rich man, poor man, or thief?
No one can say.
To do or not to do will be the question,
For Father Time will be our date.
For some, graduation will be neither
The end of happiness
Nor the beginning of sorrow;
But the beginning of living.
With a world of adventure
For exploring and conquering.

Oh, I remember how nervous I was, knowing I would get up in front of all those people to read what I had written. Would I stutter, or stumble? What if I forgot the lines? Now I look back and think, "all that concern over a poem." All that time coming up with words to describe my class and our future. It seems silly now. But that was my first hurdle into adulthood. First step into being an individual.


Grannymar said...

I remember those feelings of nerves. When I was that age I hated walking into a room full of people.

Well done on the poem and having it recorded for eternity in the Sylvanian yearbook!

Judy Harper said...

Grannymar-You do understand! I was so shy! It was painful to get up in front of people!

arlee bird said...

In my school years I too was very shy. I would have been mortified to have gotten up in front of my class to speak. I'm still not real outgoing, but my years in entertainment and in management gave me a lot more self-confidence and I usually don't get too nervous in front of a crowd.
Class poet! What a cool title to have achieved!

Rummuser said...

What a recollection and how well you have conveyed it to us. It must indeed have been painful to get up there and do it, but, see what that exerience has taught you! Beautiful post, Judy.

Judy Harper said...

Lee-I empathize with you! But then, you make up for it in your writing. The last month has been crazy with viruses, year end closing of books, a new company. I'm looking forward to getting back on schedule with you posts!

Ramana-Thank you! Yes, it was my first step in conquering my shyness!

sheeza said...

what a great work i love your poem..... well i dont remember exactly when i shy most :-)

gaelikaa said...

Fifteen minutes of fame is more of a metaphor than a fact - it just means that actual moment when the spotlight was on you. Whether the scale of the event was large or small hardly matters.

I can relate to your shyness reading out your poem.

That post was so interesting.

Maria said...

Well, I am personally glad you chose a poem to write rather than committing a crime (ref to first paragraph.)

I understand your shyness, but you conquered it and the poem was published and to be known the Class Poet is quite an honor.

Oh dear, I do believe I was known as the class clown. No fifteen minutes there.

Ginger said...

To stand in front of an audience is unnerving enough. To stand in front of an audience who is about to hear you pour your heart out, especially poetically, is enough to send me running out of a room.

What courage you have!! And what a lovely memory, and what a lovely honor, too.

Tom Bailey said...

The fear of public speaking is a tough one for large numbers of people. I avoid speaking situations whenever possible. I stumbled into your blog and I am glad that I did.

Tom Bailey

Conrad said...

Judy, I know what you mean when you wonder how you could be so concerned about such a small thing, but then I just keep making the same mistake today, LOL. It is GOOD that the thing of the moment is important to us. After all, it is all we have.

Now, you should become the poet laureate of the LBC! I nominate you!

KK said...

Good for you, that must have been scary. I always hated talking in front of classmates!

Judy Harper said...


gaelikaa-Thanks and I like your new picture.

Maria-Thanks! To me, anyone who has a sense of fun is a winner. This is someone who is serious and loves being around people who are fun.


Tome-Wow and thanks!

Conrad-Thanks! And you're right about being in the moment. What an honor, especially when I look at the other members of LBC! lol


Marianna said...

Great treatment of this topic, Judy!

Fame means different things to different people. Some crave it, and will break the law in order to get it, as witnessed by Balloon Boy.

Others are famous, yet they keep a low profile and quietly go about what they do. Robert Redford comes to mind.

How many think that fame will bring adulation, something to fill that gaping void created by low self-esteem.

Your poem was, perhaps, the first step into being a creative writer in the public's eye?

Unknown Mami said...

It's not silly at all; it's where you were at the time and a very meaningful event for you.

Thank you sooo much for visiting on my SITs day and making me feel special.