Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TUESDAY MORNING WRITING-It's Too Beautiful For Murder!

The brochure of of the fishing village of Burano, Italy looked so inviting..

Tomorrow is Tuesday Morning Writing, so I've chosen the above photo to write a story about.  But what kind of story.  My title suggests a murder mystery, but a love plot could also be written.  A woman going on her first overseas vacation, chooses to go to Burano and meets a handsome rugged looking man.  Or even a story told of a village girl who lives there, helping her father on a fishing boat.  What kind of life she lives, a secret crush of a village boy. Even a story of a widow who becomes the grandmother of the village.

Sunday I posted about Elizabeth's list from Mystery Writing is Murder.  If I use her guidelines, I think I can file the above characters under "Ideas for upcoming characters", or even "Character descriptions", and even "setting descriptions".  This is where I run into problems, choices! I guess it comes down to my own breakdown of how I would file, associate and remember.

I love mysteries, so I think I'm going to go with the location being in Burano, Italy.  A woman travels there for a vacation, or a month of rest, rest from what? What kind of work does she do? Since Burano isn't really a tourist village, and people usually travel there mostly for day trips, where will she stay?

Ally Lombardi leaned her head back against the headrest, closing her eyes and listening to the hum of the airplane.  She was so tired.  The rushing to close her apartment for three months, making sure everything was taken care of.  Writing down the instructions for Henry, the apartment building manager.  Being reassured by him that he would bring her mail in daily, that no one would be allowed into her apartment.  She really wasn't concerned about Henry.  She knew he was dependable.  He had been there for fifteen years.          ( I will pick up here tomorrow and continue with the story) 


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I love your concept, Judy! I think a mystery with an Italian setting would be really fun to write and a nice change for readers, too.


septembermom said...

This sounds very intriguing. I think the location will be full of possibilities for your characters. I look forward to seeing where you go with this idea. Good luck!

Getting My Words Out said...

CAN'T WAIT.........hurry those fingers up