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TUESDAY MORNING WRITING-It's Too Beautiful For Murder! Part 4

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It's Tuesday Morning.  I want to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to join me for Tuesday Morning Writing.  Just use my pictures and write a story.  Send me your link and I'll link you to my story so others can read it. Then you can do the same with mine.

I have Ally on a plane to Florence, Itlay, now how do I get her off?  Do I introduce the mystery at once or wait a bit? There are several ways to do this..(1) The person picking her up at the airport could actually be a relative trying to cash in on the estate. (2) Will the person be a woman or man? Is the person greedy or open to being a friend?  Why would there be a murder?  Who could be murdered? A member of the staff or a friend of the family? Did you like my Italian names?  I googled Italian names and picked out the ones I liked.  To read the previous writing of this story go Here.

Ally had been asleep for two hours when the flight attendant awakened her to let her know that the plane would be descending for landing.  She needed to push her seat upright and prepare to disembark.  Ally raised her seat, then pulled the blanket back over her arms, thinking about what to do once she landed in Florence.  There wasn't an airport at Figline Valdarno.  Marco Tizzoni, the attorney who had been in contact with her, wrote in her instructions to ask the airport personnel to point her in the direction of the terminal.  Her chauffeur would be there waiting for her.  He would then take her ticket and pick up her luggage as the Florence airport was very confusing.  It would be quicker and easier for someone familiar with the procedure and airport to handle everything.  She was glad to have this done for her.  She was tired.  She had left Birmingham, Alabama at four o'clock Monday evening to fly to Atlanta to catch the oversea's flight.  It would be almost six o'clock Tuesday evening when her plane landed in Florence.   She reminded herself to send a thank you note to Marco.  She was so grateful to him for arranging the car and driver.  Trying to pick up a car, get directions and drive the approximately twenty miles to Figline Valdarno just seemed overwhelming now.  If it had been left up to her, she would have stayed in Florence for the night and then driven out on Wednesday.  

Ally walked out into the terminal.  Looking out the windows, she saw that the sunlight was already fading into evening.  She looked around and met the gaze of a young woman dressed in a chauffeur's uniform. The woman was holding a sign with her name written in large letters.  Approaching her, Ally stated that she was Ally Lombardi and then asked, "Do you speak English"? The young woman nodded and introduced herself as Isabella Mungai, then asked for her ticket.  As Ally handed her the ticket, she wondered about Isabella having the same last name as her great uncle.  Isabella then told her to go on out to the car. She would be more comfortable there.

It only took fifteen  minutes to pick up the luggage and load it into the car.  Once they were on the road, Ally leaned back into the seat then promptly fell asleep. 

To be continued.....

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Jen said...

How fantastic!!!! I love the idea of using the pictures for a story, how brilliant of an idea!