Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TUESDAY MORNING WRITING-It's Too Beautiful For Murder! Part 5

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Ally sat by the pool drinking her morning coffee, thinking about the odd conversation she and Isabella had last night after they had arrived at the villa from the airport.  The last name of the great uncle who had left his estate to her was Mungai, the same as Isabella, she'd asked Isabella about that.  Her response had simply been yes, she was also related to Ally's uncle.  Isabella, then asked if there was anything else she needed before she left for home. Ally couldn't think of anything, so she left.

Maybe it was late and Isabella had been tired, but since she was to be the chauffeur, Ally felt that she resented her.  Maybe there could be some clarification about the relationship of her uncle and clear the air between them.  Yet, Ally couldn't help but wonder why the estate hadn't been left to Isabella. She sat there a few more minutes enjoying her coffee and the scenery.  Even though it had been late when she finally was able to go to sleep, the minute the sun shone through her window and she heard the first song of the day from the birds, Ally awakened.  She smelled coffee brewing.  Climbing out of bed, she came downstairs and wondered through the house until she came to the kitchen.  Even though there was coffee, she didn't see anyone about.  Maybe whoever had made the coffee had set it up last night to automatically brew this morning.  Just then she heard someone singing in the kitchen.  Whomever it was had a lovely voice.

Ally walked into the kitchen to see a woman pouring herself a cup of coffee.  "Hello", she asked, "Do you speak English?"

Turning the woman responded, "Yes.  How are you this morning? I hope you were able to rest.  I see you found the coffee."

"Yes, thank you so much. You brew a great cup of coffee!"

Ally watched the woman go over to the kitchen table. She was in her fifties, and her movements were that of an athletic person. Once she had sat down, Ally joined her, "Did Marco arrange with you to come in and help? He didn't send any names, just that he had assembled a staff to help out while I was here."

"Yes, my name is Lydia Mungai. I think you met my daughter last night, Isabella?"

Ally shook her head, "Yes, she drove me from the airport. I'm confused, how are y'all related to Uncle Aldo?"

Lydia continued to stir her coffee before she answered, "My father is your mother's brother. Uncle Aldo is his uncle. You and Isabella are cousins."

Ally was stunned, "Why didn't I know about y'all?  Why did my mother keep y'all a secret?"

"Did your mother never tell you about your grandparents or her brothers?"

Ally shook her head, "Never."

Lydia stood up and walked to the stove, "What would you like for breakfast, eggs and fruit?"


To be continued.....next week will be the final installment for this story.


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Jen said...

Ooo I'll be anxiously waiting for next weeks installment!!! I can't wait to see the final piece to the puzzle! Fantastic!

gaelikaa said...

Judy, mine is up a little late. I'll catch up on all your instalments and comment asap. It's great to be back!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Judy!

I'd try to put up a story now, after my commenting stuff! I'm feeling so guilty for being so inactive on the blogosphere lately! And I'm feeling worse for not posting for TMW !

So what about the pictures? Is someone gonna put them up next week, or shall we continue to use our own pictures?