Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's been some time since we posted on Tuesday Morning.  What we did in the past is to let each person know the link of the story and then all post at once.  I realize that we all come from different time zones and posting is a major issue.  Gaelikaa is from India, about 12 hours ahead of Alabama, what we had done was post by Alabama time, which made it late in India, so I think we should try something different, lets post by India time.  If it's 9:00 am in India, it would be about 9:00 pm in Alabama (Central time).  So that way, people in Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific can send their links to me to add to my post and I can send mine to others, that way all post will show up at the same time. If there are any questions, let me know. I'm adding a copy of the links used by frequent contributors from last posts so you can have the blog sites on hand if for some reason you need to post these sites rather than the story link.


    Tuesday Morning Writings is a project sponsored by Gaelikaa and Judy Harper.  The words are copyright of Judy Harper. Gaelikaa's story can be found Here . We have MelRoXx back, her story will be found here . Sheeza, she has a good story Here


gaelikaa said...

Hi Judy,

My piece is done and dusted and ready to go at 9.00 Indian Standard Time.

The url is:

gaelikaa said...

MelRoXx has tests going on at the moment but will join us as soon as she is able...