Monday, August 9, 2010

TUESDAY MORNING-If Only I Could Remember, contd.....

The first part of this story can be found Here!
"I wonder if this has anything to do with the client?" Karen began to rub her forehead, which was pounding.

Francine closed the bottle of antiseptic, "Karen, I'm taking you to the hospital and I'm not taking no for an answer.  You're white as a sheet, you're trembling and the cuts need more care than I can give.  So, grab your purse and lets go."

Karen allowed herself to be led to Francine's car.  She did feel awful and she couldn't think. If only she could remember something. She had her head against the window when she realized this was the path she followed last night. Suddenly she realized she was seeing objects flash by, but she was the driver, this didn't make sense and there wasn't anyone else in the car with her. She turned to Francine, but at that moment they were turning onto the drive to the Emergency Room and Karen lost the image.

It had taken them three hours to process through the ER, with x-rays, filling out forms and befing questioned by the police.  She still didn't know why they had to call the police in.  After all the only thing she could supply was her name, address and the statement, "I don't remember!"

Karen lay between the cool sheets wanting to go to sleep and also wishing they would bring her some pain medicine.  Unfortunately, they didn't want to give her anything until they had looked at all the x-rays and tests.  The doctor was concerned that she might have a concussion.  Finally she drifted off to sleep.

She was dreaming and knew it but she couldn't wake herself up, it was as though she was watching a movie, she had her purse on her shoulder walking down the steps to her car.  Unlocking the car trunk, Karen reached in and picked up the box holding her clients files.  She turned and headed back to her apartment;  just as she started up the steps, a shadow stepped away from the wall and raced down to her, his arm drawn back.  He hit her in the face causing her to stumble back, she spent the next few seconds trying not to fall as she continued holding onto the box of files. She twisted around sending the box behind the stairwell and falling on her purse, the shadow grabbed for her purse, but couldn't pull it free.  She thought she heard a door open and a voice, cursing the shadow turned and raced off. Karen jerked herself awake as she sat up in the hospital bed, she was shaking but at the same time thinking, "It was a robbery gone bad, that's all it was, a robbery gone bad!"

She lay back with a sense of relief , thinking about her dream.  Okay, it was a robbery gone bad, but how did she end up in her car in the Food Giants parking lot and what happened to the box of files?  Then she remembered the final moments, a door opening and the voice. Petrified that the shadow would return, Karen had jumped up and grabbed the box, running to her trunk she threw the box in and then gotten into her car.  She didn't know how serious her injuries were, so she decided to drive herself to the hospital.  Once she reached Center Point Parkway, she became disoriented, Karen couldn't remember if she needed to turn left or right, so she turned left.  After driving a piece, dizziness, nausea and a feeling of light-headiness overcame her.  Afraid she might pass out, she pulled into Food Giants parking lot and passed out.  The force of the shadow hitting her must have caused a concussion and amnesia. 

Karen turned to get out of bed just as Francine and the doctor walked into the room, "Francine, it was a robbery gone bad.  I remember what happened, that's all it was, just a robbery gone bad.  I was so afraid it had to do with the case I'm working on, but it didn't."

Francine came over and gave her a hug, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Doctor, can I go home now?"

"I would like to keep you over night.  You do have a concussion and your face is going to swell.  Is there any reason why you can't stay here at the hospital?"

"No, I guess not, and now that I know what happened, I should be able to rest.  It is such a relief to finally know." 

    Tuesday Morning Writings is a project sponsored by Gaelikaa and Judy Harper.  The words are copyright of Judy Harper.  Gaelikaa's story can be found Here


gaelikaa said...

Nicely written. But is this the end? I'm not so sure. I feel that another twist is around the corner....

septembermom said...

You kept my interest throughout this piece. It moved very nicely. Well done!

Judy Harper said...

gaelikaa-I'm not sure. I really hadn't planned on continuing.

mom-Thanks so much! Appreciate you stopping by!

gaelikaa said...

Well, if you stop here, it's still ok. Nicely rounded off.

What about next week's pictures? Tuesday's coming around already!