Sunday, August 8, 2010


Gaelikaa and I discussed about next weeks pictures.  I'm doing a second part and she wants to use on of the other pictures for a story, so we're leaving the same pictures up for the August 10th Tuesday Morning Writing. So go to Gaelikaa's site for the pictures Here!  And if you want to read our stories from last week, you can find mine here and Gaelikaa's here 

Gaelikaa also brought up another thought, that we need to write as much as possible.  She belongs to several online writing groups.  I think this is good, but when do you have time to write that book or article to send in to be published?  What are some thoughts on this subject?

Remember, if you want to be part of the group, just email me your link before 9:00 pm Monday evening.  We post by Indian time as they're 10 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Central time, so if you live in a Central time zone you would schedule the publish for 10:30 pm Monday night, this would post at 9:00 am Tuesday Morning in India.

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gaelikaa said...

Judy, in one of my online writing groups, well two actually, we write stuff we intend to publish and bring it before the group for critique. Sometimes, when you are emotionally attached to a piece you don't see its faults and a detached observer can give you great insight as to how to make your piece more saleable. I haven't sold anything yet. It takes a while to hone the writing skills. Then you need sales skills to sell a piece.

On TMW, I merely practise. But it's very enjoyable. See you Tuesday.