Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"I've never seen so many birds in one tree, look they're in that tree also. What's going on?"

I couldn't reach Rachel's picture lying in the feeder, what was it doing here? Oh, I hope Sneaky doesn't eat it!

 Walking through the woods usually cleared her head, but not this morning.  As she rounded the path, she glanced sideways and stopped.  Taking a few steps to the left, she stared down at the mushrooms.  Now she knew how they became sick, she just didn't understand why.

Here are the pictures for next weeks Tuesday Morning Writing.  I hope they will present some good ideas.  Hey, if you can think of another sentence to go with the picture, just leave it in the comment with the picture #.  The birds are picture # 1, Sneaky goat # 2 and mushrooms # 3.

Gaelikaa and I would love to have company next week! 


samsstuff said...

Lovely photos & I like the little sentence you've written to go with them, a bit of intrigue to go with the walk in the woods. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm here to say hi & return the visit!

gaelikaa said...

Judy, here's my prompt for this week's piece, sorry I'm late. Look forward to reading your piece when posted, sorry you've been having problems with your house.

Judy, we have a lady who's interested in joining - her name is Lisa, I met her on Nablopomo when I did the posting month in July. She has a lovely blog called Lisa's Lovin' Loaves, mainly on the subject of baking bread. She left a comment on my 'Write Away' expressing interest in joining our group.

here's her url

It would be great if you could drop over and welcome her aboard. I've already done so.

If it's okay with you, I'll post the pics on Friday evening.....

LISA said...

Thanks for such a warm welcome! gaelikka, I would send you Irish Brown bread but doubt it would be very tasty by the time it arrived!
I got notes from both you and Judy... I am looking forward to storytime.

I am in Florida and am on Central tme. I think I have some writing to do! Thanks again for the warm friendly welcome. ~Lisa~

LISA said...

Judy: Thanks for the comment on my TMW page! I am almost ready to post. editing, editing, editing.
I don't know what my problem was when I posted the above time zone!
Ladies, I am In Lake Worth, Fl. I am an hour and a half north of Miami on the Atlantic Coast...
It takes us about 8 hours to get to the Georgia border! Whew! Maybe I am in better sync, now.
Judy, you may have thought me nuts. You wouldn't be wrong, either! lol