Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TUESDAY MORNING WRITING-A Spy is a Spy, Any Day Of The Week!

As they enjoyed an afternoon in the sun, they were unaware of what was about to transpire......
(Picture taken by Megan Lopes of South Carolina)

Bettye and Frances worked in the Foreign Affairs building just up the street.  Everyday during their lunch break, unless it was raining, they came to the park to eat and enjoy the weather and scenery, just like today.  As they enjoyed an afternoon in the sun, they were unaware of what was about to transpire. 

Bettye and Frances had briefly noticed when the woman in the sage colored pantsuit sat down. But Bettye was in the middle of telling Frances about the latest escapade of her niece, her brother's youngest daughter.  

"Frances, would you believe, she went and dyed her hair red and black! It reminds me of Woody the woodpecker! They both got a giggle from that.

"Excuse me," the woman in the sage pantsuit said,"I seem to have left my watch back at the hotel, could you tell me the time?"

Bettye glanced down at her watch, " It's 12:45, oh dear, Frances, we only have ten more minutes before we head back to work. How's your dear old mom?"

Before Frances could reply, there was a loud bang from under the enclosed breezeway leading down to the small lake. Both she and Bettye jumped.

"What was that?, Bettye asked, as both she and Frances grabbed their empty sandwich bags and headed toward the sound.  Neither paid attention to the woman still sitting on the bench. Since neither woman looked back, they didn't notice the dark haired man dressed in brown come up behind her, making a jab at her back; or see him reach into the woman's purse and pull out the digital camera and walk away.

To Bettye and Frances, it had been just another lunch break, not about sitting next to a spy who was killed by a spy. But you know the old saying, "A spy is a spy any day of the week".

    Tuesday Morning Writings is a project sponsored by Judy Harper and gaelikaa.  The words are copyright of Judy Harper. You can find Gaelikaa's story Here 


gaelikaa said...

Short and sweet. It just goes to show that you never know what's going on around you, particularly if you are absorbed in chatting, as I very often am!

I liked your use of dialogue, it really brought the piece to life. I feel that all fiction pieces need a fair bit of dialogue. It absorbs the reader into what's going on and engages them. Plus, it brings the story forward.

Tiny typo, hair dyeing in past tense is 'dyed' rather than died, but I write in British English so I may be in the wrong. Please ignore if you disagree.

Well done, Judy, you really drew me in there. As always, we chose the same picture and came up with totally different stories, LOL.

Fixed the link, thanks..mailing you separately.

Judy Harper said...

gaelikaa-Thanks for the heads up about died/dyed. It is amazing how we keep choosing the same picture but write totally different stories.