Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Little Gray Zipper

Mom gave me this car on my sixteenth birthday..

I was looking through old pictures and found one of a gray VW with me standing at the open drivers door. Mom gave me this car on my sixteenth birthday.
 I remember, Mom was making breakfast for me before I left for school. I looked by my plate, no card. Surely she didn't forget!
"Morning", I mumbled. If she wasn't going to remember, that's all she would get. I gulped my orange juice and ran out the door. 
Stopping in my tracks, because there she sat, my little gray zipper, a huge red bow on top. I loved that car. 


gaelikaa said...

A cute story. Owning your first car at age 16 is almost an American custom, or so it seems to me. But you know, I'm 47 and have yet to own a car. Where I come from, car maintenance charges are high, not to mention insurance. There's no question of owning a car without having a substantial job first.

See, that's why I could never have done this story. I couldn't identify. But I think you've done it beautifully.....

Lisa said...

Youth has no foresight! I think many have a birthday or Christmas when there was that moment of doubt... did Mom forget? Then Wham! The impact of the surprise plus the awe of not being forgotten. You caught it all in this vinette. I love the name "Little Gray Zipper".
Keeping it to 100 words is work! Good job, Judy.