Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This has been some kind of week! Unfortunately, my post isn't finished, but Gaelikaa's is and you will get a good read at her website here. Sorry for the lateness of our posts.  I do hope you enjoy her story.  I will post mine next week.  I understand we will be adding a new person to our group, Lisa from Lisa's Lovin Loaves.

I just checked out her post, if you like to make bread, you'll love this post.  I'm going back over and see what other treasures she has on her site. Gaelikaa will be posting new pictures on Friday, so keep a watch at her site Write Away .  And remember, we would love to have your stories, just email or leave a comment with your link before 10:30 PM Central time on Monday, 09/06/10!

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gaelikaa said...

That's fine, Judy. I know you're madly busy. I'm eagerly awaiting your comments over at my TMW post whenever you get a minute....