Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are You Up For A Publishing/Submitting Challenge?

Colonel Mustard Wants You ...........

Remember the old Uncle Sam photo that encouraged people to sign up for the military, "Uncle Sam Wants You!"?  Well, Lisa has challenged us to submit a story, go to Publication Only Happens With....I for one am going to accept.  If you do, let me and Lisa know so we can be Publishing/Submitting buddies!


Lisa said...

Cool, Judy! Iam continuing my research for submission opportunities for us.

I love the link from your page to ACWW!

You are the BOMB! (hope that deosn't get me tagged by the authorities; infringement never ceases after a particular beautiful day in Manhattan)

Judy Harper said...

Great-I'm excited about this, as well as motivated! So I'm going to keep up with this to see if we can do it!