Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do You Know Your Writing Genre?

Property of Jennifer Bennett

Lisa, in her post Genre at A Creative Writers' Workshop, asks the questions "Does writing to fit a specific genre limit one's creativity, divert the muse?   Or is chiseling one's work to meet the definition of a particular genre part of the 'art' of writing? " 

I guess I've never really thought about my genre, but I have a tendency to write mystery or suspense.  Which might raise the question, what's the difference between mystery and suspense? If you get a chance go to Lisa's blog and read her story "Duck Weed" , which I think is a great story to publish! I'm hoping she'll follow through, and if she does, I've agreed to contribute a story.  I just don't know which one. I know, I'll have a poll/contest, once I figure out how to do this, I'll let y'all link the your favorite story of mine that you think should be published, and the one with the most links is the one I'll work on! Y'all can be my editors!

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