Friday, October 15, 2010

LBC-Memory Lane

Picture property of Judy Harper

Memory Lane

Memory Lane is such a beautiful lane, with all kinds of flowers running along each side, sometimes it twists and turns, goes up and down and then straight for many miles.  Usually, most people walk along wearing rose colored glasses, pointing out that fond memory and then clapping their hands to their chest and laughing with glee as they find one of their favorite scenes. Oh, that Christmas when they received a doctor's medicine bag filled with a stethoscope and play needles and medicine or the stuffed French poodle.  Rarely are there unpleasant events brought out, as they're better left hidden.

Memory Lane is such a pleasant place.
The smiles and laughs, the joy!
Sitting by the window, watching the raindrops splatter .
Seeing the water circle out in ever widening rings.
Staring, letting the past pictures form, like a movie.
Seeing the people as they were, never aging, never changing.
Feeling the warmth of those you love, hearing them, smiling as you
Hug the emotion back with you.
Memory Lane is such a pleasant place.


rummuser said...

Beeeeeeeautiful Judy. I am overwhelmed!

Judy Harper said...

Thanks! Ramana!

Grannymar said...

The smiles and laughs certainly make for good memories.

Rachel Cotterill said...

The happy memory filter is one of the best ones, isn't it? :)

Judy Harper said...

Grannymar-Yes, pleasant memories are the best!

Rachel-Yes, it is.