Friday, October 1, 2010

LBC-Wacky Ideas: People

My nephew dressed as Captain Americia (Halloween)

Daughter and grandkids

Me (with glasses) clowning one morning in the Air Force, 1967

Nephews clowning!


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Magpie contributed this weeks topic-Wacky Ideas: People

Wacky ideas, particularly people, come in all shapes and sizes.  From far out silly to just placing two fingers for horns in a picture.

In my youthful days, my brother loved to watch the three stooges.  I wasn't as big a fan, but they were okay.  Their slapstick humor was enjoyable, though after a while, it did get old.

The thing about whacky is that it usually is spontaneous, done without thought.  It's as though a moment is grabbed to act out of the norm.  Usually, this results in fun.

I hope y'all enjoy the pictues of a "whacky people momment!


rummuser said...

No Judy, you do not qualify to be a whack! You are too genuine! Now, if you want a true whack, you can pick one of the others in the LBC without too much trouble. Guess?

Marianna said...

Ahh, the joy of play. Something that gets stripped away when one becomes stressed.

Long live spontaneity, fun and whackiness!

gaelikaa said...

The wonderful thing about this subject is that we all had our take on it. Well done! As you say, wacky moments are usually spontaneous.

gaelikaa said...

Great take on the topic, Judy, well done. As you say, it has to be spontaneous.