Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Writer's Blog-There Are So Many Good Ones!

Stillwater, Oklahoma 2009

Over the last few days I've visited other blog sites.  They are so good! I learn from them and am awed by their posts and the philosophy of what their trying to do, which is to help other writers. 

How do you find your Niche or as I and Abby like to say Nitch for your blog? This is a question that I've pondered frequently.  Abby Kerr, offers a 10 part e-course on this subject if you subscribe to Inklings her weekly-ish e-newsletter. I decided to do this course.

For the Lesson 1, Abby Kerr gives two questions to "spend some time mulling over right this minute." Actually it's a question wrapped around multi-questions.

If your enterprise/blogsite is already up, open, active, in progress, do this:

1.  Within the work you currently do, what's the best part? What makes you feel the most exhilarated? The most useful? The coolest? The most connected to your right people? The most seen for who you really are and want to be? Or, put another way, if you could hire people to do every part of your current work that you don't totally love, what would be the part you'd save for yourself? (The best part)

2.   You meet a cool new person at a party with whom you immediately feel at ease. Your new acquaintance asks you what you do for a living. You're relaxed and you don't feel the need to impress or overstate anything. You say...what kind of work you do.

I'm going to think about these questions a few days.  I know, in the past, I love coming up with pictures for Tuesday Morning Writings  that I had and then creating a story for the picture. I enjoyed this most when others shared stories about the picture they chose to write about.  I know I love to share my research and writing about my steps to become a published professional writer. 

Returning from taking a break from my blog makes me feel as though I'm starting over!  Here are a couple of good sites to check out:

Clarrisa Draper, who, at present, is sponsoring matching critiquing buddies.

Elizabeth Spann Craig, her web site has been listed in Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for writers in 2010 and 2011.

Gail M. Baugniet, notice the color and how you're drawn in.

Jan Morrison, she has great writing challenges.

Writer's Digest is another great website to visit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy:

Found your site through Clarissa's blog, and am glad I did! It's always nice to meet other writers on here, especially those who enjoy writing in the suspense/mystery/thriller genres.

And I think your template is pretty cool, too!


Jan Morrison said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm doing a month of Friday challenges so I can spend some time on my revision. EEEP!
I'm thrilled to be on a list with Elizabeth and Clarissa who I think are the bee's knees. I will go check out Gail's site now.
Thanks again.