Monday, August 29, 2011

Critique or Edit-How To Add Comments....

Critique, Edit & Erase..Picture property of  Frets.Com

     As I've posted before, Clarissa, over at Listen To The Voices, is offering to match up critiquing buddies. I connected with one, Nicole who offered to critique the first chapter of my book.
     Needless to say, I'm nervous.  Her's and Clarissa's critique was professional and had entries that I had no idea how they did it. Specifically, comments and framing words, lines and paragraphs with colored dotted frames and comments in balloons and arrows. I played around with my computer for a few days. Looked in Power Point and other places.  Finally, I found my answer in Word! It was so simple.
     The comment is found under Insert, then scroll down to comment (told you it was simple). You place your cursor after the word or sentence you want to add the comment, then click on insert, then comment.  The comment box will open on the right (hadn't solved how to get it to print on the left). You then type your comment in the box. If you highlight and copy to post on your blog for some reason, the comment boxes won't transfer. What happens is your initials with the comment number shows and then the actual comment appears at the bottom of your post.
    At the bottom, she rested for a breath.[JAH1]

 [JAH1]Good paragraph! 

     The border or frame is found under Format, then Borders & Shading.  First you highlight the word, line or paragraph. Then click on Format, then Borders & Shading, then highlight style you want to use, then color then size.  Her mom’s music.   [JAH1]

 [JAH1]Fragmented sentence

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to critique? Elizabeth Spann Craig, Mystery Writing Is Murder,  is constantly Twittering great sights to check out.  She listed the following at Inkpunks, Critical Reading Means Criticizing Your Reading!  You might want to check it out.

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E. Arroyo said...

I signed up over there too! I've been on the receiving end and giving critiques for a while. I don't use the word feature 'cause it's distracting for me. I usually just write down thoughts as I read and give an overall impression after each chapter. =) Works for me. You are brave in putting yourself out there and it will make you a stronger writer. Good luck!

L'Aussie said...

This was great. What you saw Clarissa using is probably Track Changes which many editors use. In word, click Review, then Track Changes. You also add/delete comments here too. It's great when you're sending your work off to your CP.