Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Editing a story-Who, Where and How?

Judy & brother, photo property of Judy Harper, about 1956

For my first story I used my daughter, a two friends and my sister as editors.  One friend's point of view was to see if my thoughts didn't complete thoughts that raised questions that needed to be answered; was there confusion about what I wanted to say and tense, past or present. My sister loves to read, so did the story keep her interested.  Was it straight forward or did it wonder around too much. My daughter and second friend was grammar, did I start and end the paragraph in the same tense, which I'm finding is a problem with me.  

Is this good editing? Should I pay to have someone edit? How much would it cost to have a professional edit my work? This subject is something I'm going to research. I very serious about becoming a profession writer.


Clarissa Draper said...

Well, editing is very helpful. I'm so thankful to have a professional editor that came along with my publisher but having CP and BR are also helpful at getting a lot of the bugs worked out. Thanks for signing up on my blog. I read mysteries and so if you want to send a few chapters my way, feel free. Just let me know.


Jan Morrison said...

I have paid someone (well actually, we traded services) to get my manuscript edited. I'm too slippery with commas and senses and sometimes with cliches. I have other readers but they just read to see if the story hangs together. They're not critical enough. As to cost, it depends on who, how much and what...copy edit or substantive editing, etc...

Nicole Pyles said...

I think you have taken a good route! I would just be wary of people who just tell you "It's good!" or "Don't change a thing!"

Although, I haven't been published yet, so maybe as you move higher up the ladder it's different!