Monday, September 26, 2011

As A Beginning Writer, What Do You Want?

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     It's almost time for the November National Novel Writing Month.  I can't believe it's been a year! Last year was my first time to enter. I wrote almost 22,000 words to my novel. I'm trying to decide if I want to enter it again. I have to admit, it motivated me to get started on my novel, even if I didn't succeed in writing 50,000 words. If you want to check out National Writers Month go to this link NaNo. It's writing by the seat of your pants.
     What I gained from this experience is making time to write, finally deciding the name of my book, which subject I wanted to write about.  So if you have been saying you want to be a writer but have never created an outline, thought about beginning, middle and end, go for it. No one will critique or criticize.  You will have buddies that you can share with.  Helps provided by NaNo and regional support groups.
     If you want to read about my beginning experience from last year to to the following link NaNo Has Started and Me Too!


The Desert Rocks said...

No, I refuse. LOL. Sounds painful.

Nick Rolynd said...

-chuckles- That's exactly why I like NaNo. No ones cares how far you get as long you as try. And that big Nov deadline serves as catalyst to speed up your writing, rather than as a big failure mark. I've always found the NaNo community to be a great thing. Personally--despite the stress it can cause--I think NaNo is a really healthy writing exercise, especially for first time novelists.

M.J. Fifield said...

22,000 words is a great start!

I love NaNo. I've done it the last two years now and it's a great experience. All right, half way through the month, I'm tearing my hair out, but I always love it by the end.

Lynda R Young said...

I did NaNo for the first time last year as well. It's a great motivator. I will likely do it again this year for that reason.

Nicole Pyles said...

I want too! But working right now has made it hard...but I would love to use the motivation!!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Yay for NaNoWriMo! Not doing it this year, I have tons of other things I'm juggling.

Happy Monday!


Nancy Thompson said...

I admire all those who do NaNo, but I could never do it myself. I can write fast, mind you. I wrote a 90,000 thriller in 7 weeks. But I am a plotter to the core and unless I have one ready, no words of any worth are gonna come, especially 200 pages worth!

Lisa said...

Hey ~ Do it, jump into the NaNo pool.

I was iffy until the end of October when a younger character was roaming around in my head. So on Nov 1, I thought I would write and work on a different story that I have some outline structure for. BUT NOoooooo,
we will see what happens with this one.

Have fun, write, write, write......writer writing

M Pax said...

Hope you did well with NaNo.

Patsy said...

Hi, I found you through IWSG.

How was your NaNo? I didn't finish this year.