Friday, April 20, 2012

Me, LH, Dad and Mom, 1951
Me, Senior prom 1966

     It was nineteen sixty-six, I had just graduated from Sylvania High School.  Auburn had accepted me into premed, but due to unexpected circumstances, I was unable to go to college. Now what?
     A young woman going off to college wasn't usual in the sixties.  Most married and settled down to have a family and live their lives close to their parents. I didn't want that, so instead I joined the Air Force, flew off to San Antonio, Texas and finally to Okinawa. I didn't stay in my small hometown, forever.
     I think about it now and realize some people never travel far from their hometown, they stay in one place all their lives. Usually in my parent's era, mostly men were the only ones to leave; this was due to having to serve in the military. Once they'd served their tour, they came back home and never left again.
     When I remember the good times families had as I was growing up, I understand.  More time was spent sharing with parents, grandparents and cousins.  Most kids were lucky and spent a week, a month or even the whole summer with their grandparents on their farm, be it a small place or a large productive farm. Have you ever gone out to the garden on a hot summer day with a salt shaker, picked a warm juicy tomato and eaten it right there! Taking a bite, shake a little salt, take another bite and feel the warmth of the tomato juice slide down your throat and some of it dribbling down your chin, knowing it's going to end up on your shirt?
     Or maybe taking a fishing pole down to the creek, standing in the cold water as you place the worm on the line; even better jumping into the creek's cold water with your cousins, splashing water at each other, laughing, about nothing and everything.
     What would it feel like to live in one place all your life?

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