Sunday, August 19, 2012


     Inspiration, a sudden creative idea or one that moves the intellect..or prompts action. While a sudden creative idea usually comes from within, there are many times an outside stimulus triggers the idea, such as rain. I love to write on a rainy day.  For some reason, the cloudy day, the sudden rush of water on the roof, or the gentle raindrops splashing against the window tends to wrap me in my own world.  A world that usually revolves around the past or makes me feel that I'm alone, no pressures or stress, which frees my mind up for creating.
     I read about studies that show stress and anxieties hamper creativity.  I'm not a spontaneous acting person, so when someone wants to debate or argue with me, they will always win, because I need to be sure of my facts and know that it's the truth. Not so my brother and niece, ninety-nine percent of the time they verbalize all over me, then I find out they were, what's the word I'm looking for, lying or verbal bluffing otherwise known as BS. Usually, about midnight that night I wake up and think of all the responses I should and could have made.  It makes me want to punch their phone number in and finally express my thoughts and opinion!
     Music can be another outside stimulus for inspiration.  Then there's people who can trigger an inspiration.  My tenth grade English teacher was such a person, in addition to being an encourager.  Many people have a mentor to inspire them, or if you're a poet, the love of someone can "inspire" words.
     Certain books can be an inspiration, such as the Bible. The book of Ruth and Esther are an inspiration.  I see how much they accomplished, even with the restrictions of their era, they were able to be used by God. So much was against them, yet they persevered and succeeded at their tasks.
     How do you gain your inspiration?  Have you at one time used music, books , rain or a person for inspiration? 

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