Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More About Creating Book Titles

Orange Beach, Florida 2007

     Wednesday is the big day to list the book title and I'm not sure of mine! The more I read the rules, the more I'm dissatisfied with the one I've created, so I've done some more searching and I found a great blog site! 
    Rachel Gardner, has posted a blog titled "How To Title Your Book", so click on the title and see all the useful information she's written. 
    Such as make sure of your book genre, is your book a mystery or drama? What do you want to convey with the title?
     Find twenty books on Amazon.com that are in the same genre as yours. Write them down, those you like and dislike, and why.
     Sit with a pencil and paper and free associate, making lists of words related to your book. Place them in columns: nouns, verbs, adjectives. Words that describe the setting and even your characters and the action or emotions.
     Try experimenting with word combinations, or words that might work as a single-word title.
     From these lists, come up with at least twenty possible titles.
                                          Rachel Gardner

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