Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My First Novel or The First Big Thing!

Me, third from left first row on bleachers. Shepherd AFB, Wichita Falls, Texas, 1967. Our
graduation picture.

     When I first graduated from high school, I had it in my mind to become a writer. But life and other sundry things distracted me. Then about two years ago I began writing a novel and pursuing my dream. Life still gets in the way, but, I'm working harder at staying on track.
     When I started blogging, Elizabeth S. Craig, was the first real author I met, she also writes under the name of Riley Adams (go here to see her site and books).  She has encouraged and helped me with her comments and posts. Her blogsite is chocked full of information.  On her Friday, August 3, 2012 post "New Writers-Patience", I commented "Finally, after saying I want to write a book, I'm going to see success. It's only taken forty years of preparing and two years of writing, but its almost there." 
     After coming back and taking stock, I may have felt I was further along than I really am.  Have you ever noticed that at different points in your life, God places people and things to help you turn a corner or change directions? Almost a year ago, August 21, 2011, I did a Genealogy post, Genealogy-How To Tell A Family History.  The person who left a comment was Gail M. Baugniet. She had created a website to post the story of her Belgium ancestors. Due to some personal and health problems, I didn't really connect until the last few months. This week and after leaving my comment over at Mystery Writing Is Murder, I visited Gail's blog, where I happened upon her post "The Next Big Thing". The next big thing being having a second, third or more book published.  See her first post at The Next Big Thing. Gail is also a published author, which I hadn't realized when I visited her genealogy site. But I kept running across her name in the comments of people I reviewed. So, I checked out her blog and found several helpful links.  Her site is also chocked full of helpful information, Gail M. Baugniet.
     The thing is, I perceived this as a project for published writers, and those who have a pretty good base of fellow authors. Therefore, I emailed Gail and requested permission to modify this to  "The First Big Thing", for those who are working toward their first novel to be published.  My thought is that I post the questions and instead of interviews, etc, the goal will be to build contacts, to link with those who are established, who have made "it". 
     In connecting with others, a network of helpful links, posts and friendships will be created.  This will generate encouragement and motivation!
     Next Wednesday, August 22nd, will be the kick-off date.  Start thinking about "What Is The Working Title Of Your Book"? Have you mentally pictured or drawn on paper a design for your book cover?
     Now then, I've just got to figure out the Linky thing!

B. C. Street, Okinawa 1968-69



N Harper said...

Keep going girl and you WILL succeed! I use to think that people were born great writers (or singers, artists or whatever) but now I think that it takes talent and lots of practice and hard work! Do you remember the author of "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo"? I thought he had gotten lucky on his first book but it turns out that he had been writing for magazines for a long time.
Love, Nancy

Judy Harper said...

Thanks, Nance! It's getting closer!