Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rules For A Better Book Title!

My flowers for this past Mother's Day!

She Was Air Force, He Was Marine and there was Murder!
(Current thought for title of my novel)

     Have you come up with your novel title? I'm finding it's hard choosing a title! JC Simonds, Small Press, wrote a post titled "Ten Rules For a Better Book Title". I'm going to list the rules just to see what they are, but click on the above link to read, in full, how he describes each rule.
     1.  Watch the length of your title. Books in print only allow thirty characters (that includes spaces)
     2.  Avoid Passive voice titles
     3.  Avoid punctuation-commas don't look great graphically on a book cover
     4.  Don't run the title and subtitle together on the cover
     5.  Avoid "How To" titles
     6.  Don't steal famous titles. (There is no copyright on titles)
     7.  There are no copyrights on titles-you can trademark your titles for a series.
                 Follow this link for information on TRADEMARKS
     8.  Who else has the title?
     9.  Tell your reader/buyer what the book is about
     10. Create series titles with care

     So, rule number one prevents me from using my current working title, as there are way over thirty characters in the title. So how can I convey a story of a young southern girl in the Air Force, stationed  on Okinawa during Vietnam. She meets a Marine Captain from Pittsburgh, who job is with the CID, falls in love, becomes involved in a murder, which is connected to a B-52 being sabotaged, and tries to help solve the crime? Got to give this more thought! 
     A Sargent A Captain and Murder
     A B-52 and Murder
     Vietnam and Murder
     Murder Brought Them Together

     Another site for titles is here    

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