Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The First Big Thing -Week #1

Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas 1968

     It's here, the first question of "The First Big Thing"! This is a modified version of Gail M. Baugniet's "The Next Big Thing".  A challenge she's started to help those who are trying to finalize the publication of their next novel. Gail gave me permission to restructure the challenge for those who are trying to finish and publish their first novel.  There are ten questions, so over the next ten weeks, the goal is to finish the novel, reach out to authors who are published and learn from them, create some great blogs and links that will encourage and motivate us. So click on the red link "The Next Big Thing", to read her post.
     Question one is What is the working Title of your book?
     Earlier in the week, I posted some information and links discussing the rules for book titles and also, how to come up with a title.  I had a title, "She was Air Force, He was Marine and It was Murder". But after reading the information, I realized this won't work. I had hoped my title would give a clue to what the book is about, such as the characters are in the Air Force and Marines, and that a murder takes place. Unfortunately, according to "Rules For A Better Book Title", a title shouldn't have more than thirty characters. If you want to read this post, click here. So I have another tentative title, but I want to try some of the suggestions from how to come up with a title. Right now though, I can't decide between  "A Sergeant, Vietnam and Murder" and "A Sergeant Finds Murder".
     Until I read Gail's post on What is the working Title, I hadn't really thought about a book cover, now, I'm excited about planning it. The cover will be for a future post.
     Our first step is to build a network of published authors.  The project is to list five links to published author blogs that you are following. If you don't have any, click on some of the following links, go to the comments and read what people have written.  If you like their comments, click on their picture, which will either take you to their profile and sometimes their blog.  The profile should list their blogs, follow them and you will be amazed at what you can learn. I'm going to list the links, then you will find Mr. Linky, fill in your information so we can click over to your blog post and see what you have written, and please leave a comment for my feedback. Thanks and lets keep each other updated on our progress!
     Five awesome writers whose work you want to read:
          Clarissa Draper 
         Monica Ferris       
         Margot Kinberg 
         Gail M. Baugniet
        Elizabeth S. Craig


J.L. Campbell said...

Judy, this sounds like a great way to keep focused.

Judy Harper said...

Yes, it does help! When I first saw it on Gail's blog, it seemed like an answer to a prayer. I'm looking forward to reading your books.

Clarissa Draper said...

You're awesome! I am horrible at titles too. I think the title for my next book will be super long.

Judy Harper said...

Thanks, Clarissa! I so enjoyed your post today! I never realized you were from Mexico, that is so cool!