Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The First Big Thing-Where Did The Idea For Your Novel Come From?

Lackland AFB, 1965

The First Big Thing-Week #2 Where did you Get the Idea For Your Novel?

This is a modified version of Gail M. Baugniet's "The Next Big Thing".  A challenge she's started to help those who are trying to finalize the publication of their next novel. Gail gave me permission to restructure the challenge for those who are trying to finish and publish their first novel.  There are ten questions, so over the next ten weeks, the goal is to finish the novel, reach out to authors who are published and learn from them, create some great blogs and links that will encourage and motivate us.
You might want to check out Gail's week # 2 question Week # 2, and my week # 1 post.

    Judy:  As a young girl, twelve to fifteen, I wrote stories. I'd read a book and then create my own characters and settings.  After I graduated from high school, I took courses through the mail. Writing in journals was an outlet, which I continue to do, I still have some of the old journals. As time went by, I realized there was a particular time span in my life that I viewed as exciting and adventuresome, I wanted to write a novel about this period of time. The advice given is write about what you know. I knew I wanted to put what happened into words, so I came up with a semi-autobiography mixed with fiction.
     Where did you come up with your "idea for a novel"?

     Now for some links to writers and good writing blogs......

Wrote By Rote-writing memoirs by Arlee Bird
Grandma's Briefs-bits and byes on life's second act, Lisa
Alex J. Cavanaugh- (a good published writer's blog)
Rachel Cotterill-(Beautiful photography)
Stephen Tremp's Website-(talk about wormholes)
Spunk On A Stick- L. Diane Wolfe   

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