Saturday, August 11, 2012

Who Do You Write For, Yourself or Your Readers?

Tinker, she's not about to stay behind again!

      I sometimes procrastinate posting to my blog because I think, "Who wants to hear about what I'm thinking or pondered on today"? I have a little book that I keep in my purse and when I have a thought for a subject I write it down. Then I question whether they're really worth writing about. Which means I waffle back and forth, "write for me or others". Then, I've always heard, write what you know about. So I was glad to find Elizabeth S. Craig's post, Writing For An Audience/Markertplace,  at Mystery Writing is Murder.
     She raises some good points and I suggest you click on the link and read them. She covers Market Saturation, Book Length, Publishers, Protagonist and much more. But I want to ponder on What are your own interests as a reader?
     Usually I read for entertainment, to get away from the reality of accounting, bill paying and health issues.  My favorite reading is murder mysteries! I had a dream once where I flew a fighter plane, I mean I was actually flying it, turning it over and over, spiraling down and pulling up.  But the most thrilling and exciting part was shooting the gun and knocking down other planes, enemy planes. I'm sure my blood pressure was sky high as I actually felt the vibration and heard the noise from the gun. I think it was the best night of sleep in a long time.  Later on, I was telling this friend of mine, who also is a Psychologist, and asked her what my dream meant. Her response was, "You're trying to kill your problems.  All the things you're worrying about is overwhelming, so you're shooting them down." Made perfect sense to me. So do I wonder if escaping my reality into murder mysteries means anything? Or is it I just love to solve puzzles or enjoy the step procedure of finding an answer, which is similar to accounting?
     When I write down my interests in order the first is murder mysteries (writing and reading), then genealogy, health, painting, cats and birds. So, this list should give me a focus to spend time on.
     I wrote the first paragraph as a comment on Elizabeth's post, here is her response:
     "Maybe you can do both--blog and journal for yourself and write books for an audience. Then use bits of your blog and your journal (feelings/thoughts/unique approaches) in your book.
     I feel like we're almost always writing for ourself, too, because bits of us go into every book (and lots of sweat!)"

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Rachel Cotterill said...

I love reading mysteries, too. Pure escapism :)

Judy Harper said...

Especially in a quaint English village!

Lynda R Young said...

Yep, I do believe we can do both.